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I am a lifestyle blogger, formerly of the now defunct site, Invading Mars. This is my brand new site all about my life as a money conscious mom! 

Practice Makes Perfect

First Time mom. Long Time Blogger.


Keeping up with the latest trends in money and all things finance is my Passion! This blog will be a great resource for tricks, tips and super relatable stories all about personal finance and family budget planning.


We only have one life and one planet. I try my best to preserve both as best I can. From my eating to my parenting I try to be mindfulof what vibrations I put into the world. 


Stories from a first time mom. Sometimes they will be helpful sometimes just funny. But they will always be genuine! 

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I'm a Leo

I work in the Engineering field, love to travel, and 80s movies!
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Welcome Back Sports!

Basketball Is Back! Juju and daddy are so excited that basketball (all sports really!) made its return this week. The are completely unbothered by the lack of fans and enjoy listening in to the player commentary.  Sports is something Daddy shared with Juju ever since he was just a bump. It’s no surprise that Juju came out Loving the energy around the house on game day. These Two Are Ready For The Season! Shop Juju and Daddy’s Weekend Looks! *The links featured in this blog are from affiliates who compensate me

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Splish Splashing At The Spray Park!

Sunday in the Park! Most weekends we love to get up early make coffee at home and head out to the park after breakfast. We have a favorite park but didn’t have much time and decided to head to the park around the corner from us. Plot twist… I totally forgot this park was remodeled last year and had been upgraded to a SPRAY PARK! How lucky are we to have a fairly off the radar spray park within walking distance from my house?! Much to our delight when we

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family finances

Birthday Reflection

                                   Hello Friends! Warning: Full transparency ahead I was scrolling through my pictures the other day and noticed something… I completely stopped taking selfies. As a former selfie queen, this was a bit shocking to me, but in reality it’s not surprising at all. Ever since I had Juju, I’ve become hyper sensitive about my appearance. I don’t think I look the same. My face has more weight in it and my gut, although

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half birthday juju

Happy Half Birthday Juju!

Jujubear is half way to 2! He are smart, funny, silly, thoughtful, and affectionate! Mommy baked him a cake that he will probably take a picture with, but not get to eat because…yeah sugar!  Mom and Dad love you lots Juj! Shop Juju’s Favorite Van Styles! *The links featured in this blog are from affiliates who compensate me a vey small commission if you purchase from my site. Of course, at no additional cost to you. However, this does not influence my evaluations. We only share and promote items that

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18-Month Check-In!

Thoughts On Motherhood.                                     Hello Friends! As I approach my 18th month as a mother, I‘ve been doing a bit of reflecting on my journey thus far. What can I say about Motherhood? It really is everything everyone made it out to be…from the immense joy to the bouts of unexplained sadness. But there are some things I was like…Nah! So here is a short list of the myths I discovered about parenting

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family finances

Refinancing 101

Let’s Talk Finances Refinancing 101 For many people in this country the Covid-19 pandemic was an unprecedented and daunting time. Many were out of work and really strapped for cash. Thankful we are blessed with jobs that allow for us to work from home, so the transition was seamless. We did do some furloughs at my job, so I found myself out of work for a total of 4 pay periods. In the grand scheme of things, that’s mild! This pandemic really hit home the age old but often unrealistic

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