My Very Late Goals For 2019!

Let’s talk about Goals for 2019!

Happy 2019 beautiful people.

I had to start my New Years resolutions a few weeks late due to so much going on.

Firstly let me say, IVE MISSED BLOGGING SO MUCH! So naturally, that means I’ve also missed my wonderful readers.  You all were just getting dug in on this new site with me when I went GHOST. I apologize for that, but I assure you had had amazing reason.

Plot Twist

Not long after launching this blog on May 1, 2018 and closing on my very first house, I found out (the day after Mother’s Day to be exact) that we were expecting our first child!! 

The rest of 2018 was filled with so much emotion and overwhelming sense of WTF that blogging took a huge back seat in my life. 

If you recall, we bought our house with a 203k rehab loan, and for the majority of my pregnancy we waited with baited breath to move into our new home. A 4 month project turned to 6 or 7, but finally the week of Thanksgiving we moved in! 

The holidays and even the birth of my wonderful son happened in a flash, and I’m ready again to refocus with renewed purpose and set some goals for 2019!

I am going to set 2019 goals instead of resolutions because I feel that goal setting is more effective for me that making random resolutions.

Goals for 2019, goals, saving and budgeting,

So here we go!

2019 Goals

Buy a new car– with our growing family I think it’s time we invest in a reliable family vehicle to transport Juju and even the doggie to their many appointments and dates (they have a more active social life than dad and I!)!

Dedicate time every day to blog– I love to write it really rejuvenates my spirit and what better way to take care of my mental health than to put my feelings and thoughts into words and share with you all? I hope to pick up where I left off at last year and expland my blogging brand into the mom blogging sector so I can share my experience as a new mom and hopefully connect with our moms on the same journey.

Get a handle on Mom Life– just having my first child I can tell you I am really parenting by the seat of my pants. But I am loving every minute of watching my little one grow and change every day. I hope to establish a great routine with him and get a ton of cuddles!! I can’t wait to take him on adventures!

Take a mini vacation– Traveling has always been a huge part of my life and I was unable to travel at all last year due to buying a house and then finding out I was pregnant. I hope to get Juju his first day at the beach this summer and hopefully plan a full vacation next year for Daddy and I to get some alone time. After Juju starts to sleep through the night of course!

Restablish my workout schedule– I am really proud of myself that I was able to workout while pregnant up until 36 weeks and then again (in a failed attempt to walk an overdue baby out!) in weeks 39-41 1/2. Working out while pregnant (and breastfeeding) helped me to lose the baby weight (52 lbs to be exact!) quickly.

Saving and Budgeting- Parenting is expensive! It shook my single budget to its core so this year I hope to figure out what new expenses we will incur (umm have you seen daycare prices?!) and work them into our budget and find a new savings sweet spot that allows us to save every month and keep our finances in order.

I think that is more than a enough goals for 2019 and hope to share my triumphs and tribulations with fulfilling each of them with you all.

What goals did you set for yourself or your family this year? Tell me about them in the comments!



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