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2019 Goals : 1st Quarter Check-In

April marks the start of the second quarter, and I have been trying to get in the habit of checking in and acknowledging all I have accomplished in the previous 3 months. 2019 started off particularly unique for me, since I became a mom for the first time. That in itself, was quite a feat for the quarter but being…

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Balancing Work and Family Life

Let’s talk about balancing work and home life! Hello Peeps! Ever since I was a kid, I’ve always been interested in working for myself. Sure, I’d love to say I had the desire to be creative or express myself through some god given talent, but to be quite honest my motivation has always been money. I’ve always had a soft…

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My Very Late Goals For 2019!

Let’s talk about Goals for 2019! Happy 2019 beautiful people. I had to start my New Years resolutions a few weeks late due to so much going on. Firstly let me say, IVE MISSED BLOGGING SO MUCH! So naturally, that means I’ve also missed my wonderful readers.  You all were just getting dug in on this new site with me…

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Pardon The Interruption!

Pardon the Interruption!  Hello, Hello, HELLLLO! Its been several months since my last post and I have missed blogging oh so much! But honestly, a ton is going on. I am happy to announce we FINALLY moved into our house.  It took about 7 months from closing day to be move-in ready. Although we still have a lot of settling…

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My Must Have Kitchen Appliances

So you bought your house, you’re all warm and fuzzy thumbing through Home and Garden Magazine, or if you’re a digital junkie like me, you might be on Houzz playing with virtual reality decor. I made a very conscious effort during the homebuying process to not focus too much on the decor part. There was so much back and forth…

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