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5 Ways To Make Money Online

Let talk about some ways to make money online! We talk a lot on this blog about saving and budgeting.  One way to make that task easier is to of course earn extra money. Starting your own small business used to be quite a feat 15 years ago, but today with the miracle of the internet it’s become easier than…

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Bye Bad Credit: 5 Tips To Raise Your Score

Let’s Talk About Bad Credit! Hello, good people! Bad credit is defined as a score lower than 619. Sadly, even the most forgiving lenders typically won’t touch a score below 620. The unfortunate thing about bad credit is, all too often it happens to good people. If you happen to be one of those people, then you know it can…

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What Is Your Savings End Game?

Do You Have A Saving End Game? When I started getting serious about saving, my main goal was to have money to travel. It did not take me long to achieve that goal. I then moved it up to saving for travel without disrupting my normal finances. Which for me meant, I needed to get creative and find some additional…

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Frugal Friday

Hello Savers and Happy Frugal Friday! Just wanted to share an article I found by Self Magazine’s fitness editor, Amy Marturanar about saving. This article details how hard it is for her to save money as a millennial, even when income is plentiful and especially when there is nothing specific to save for. This part of the article stuck out…

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REGIFTED: Emergency Fund

Let’s talk about starting a realistic Emergency fund! Every now and then, I think it’s important to check in on our progress. I am always so focused on doing more that I often neglect to pat myself on the back for the progress I have made in my blogging journey! Today I wanted to share with you all a blog I…

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