Shannon Victoria

Hello! I am so glad you’re here! I’ve been blogging on and off for years. I started my blogging career not blogging at all. I had a modest Facebook fan page that grew to amass 67,000 ACTIVE followers. Then algorithms came and it shook up the engagement game. I moved on to social media management with clients such as non-profits, DJ’s, fashion designers and all kinds of creatives. 

mom blogger

What is this blog about...

Not at all. Like me it is a work in progress but I promise your genuine quality content on a regular-ish schedule. 

This blog is all about my daily life as a mom, things I find interesting, and all the cool projects and activities my family gets involved in. I will document my ups and down trying to navigate Montessori learning and conscious parenting of a toddler.

There will be a section in this blog dedicated Saving and personal finance. Finance is a passion of mine and I will keep this blog full of engaging and helpful content all about money.

I ain’t too proud to big up another awesome mom, hands on dad, or kick ass kids. I am new to parenthood so I look forward to hearing all your best hacks. 

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