Hello! Welcome to Shannon Victoria, a personal blog surrounding my experience as a first time homebuyer. While buying my first house I spent countless hours online looking for information about the process that wasn’t redundant or very general. I wanted to hear realistic, specific, step-by-step navigation of the process. I pride myself on being an independent learner but never in my life have I craved someone to hold my hand like I did when buying a house. Unfortunately, I didn’t find that hand. But I am hoping to extend my hand to you via this website.

The home buying process starts long before you start house hunting. It’s very important to make sure that prior to starting the process you get your finances in order. You may even need to get your head in the game and prepared for the highly evasive and hella restrictive underwriting process.

The 3 Compartments Of This Blog

  • Saving and Credit Repair
  • First Time Home Buying
  • Life as a Homeowner

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