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Finding The Right Products For Juju’s 4A Hair.

Hi Fellow Juju Lovers!

I’ve been a bit of a product junkie with Juju’s hair because I desperately needed to find the right products to keep his delicate strands moisturized.

Juju’s hair is prone to fairy knots.

If you don’t know, Fairy knots are actual strands of hair that knot within themselves and often add other adjoining hairs into the mix creating even bigger knots. These tiny knots (so tiny that “fairies” must have made them) are annoying and quite common for curlys and naturals.

Fairy knots are annoying for the adult natural so you can imagine the fight I have with this guy to try to detangle.

He doesn’t like me to touch his hair AT ALL.

I have about 6 seconds to style his hair while he is brushing his teeth in the morning, so let’s just say finding the right product was a must.

I tried out a few popular brands, that I won’t mention because I absolutely hated them. Ironically they were the same products that almost everyone in the world loved, but my 3C hair hated. Not realizing how similar our hair textures were (fine), I tried them out to failing results.

At the recommendation of another mom in a Facebook Group, I tried Camille Rose. 

I tried Camille Rose once as a sample in my Curlbox several years ago. I loved the conditioner, but never tried them again. I recently saw them pop up on the short list of hair product lines that are still Black Owned and decided now was  a great time to give them another whirl. 

I am so glad I did!

The consistency of this product was so light, but so rich and creamy. As I mentioned earlier, I have about 6 seconds to quickly add product to Juju’s hair and work through. This sundae glaze is so light I can quickly rub it through his hair vertically (3 secs) and then take a second pass to separate his curls horizontally ( 3 secs). Let me tell you, this product can be placed on the hair and it will SEEP on through and about 5 minutes later my baby’s curls were hydrated and unfrizzy. 

Not sure what your hair type is? Find out here

Juju’s hair is also low porosity. So it requires a slightly different technique to get moisture in AND keep it sealed in. I use the LOC (liquid, oil, cream) method to moisturize every other day. 

These products smell so good (like mandarin oranges) and work so well that I started using it in my hair as well. 

Want to try Camille Rose for yourself? Scroll down to find the links to purchase the products featured in this blog!

Our Nightly L.O.C. Routine

  • Wash and Condition- Weekly Water Rinse- Nightly (L)
  • Jamican Black Castor or Argon Oil (O)
  • Camille Rose Leave In Conditioner (C)
  • Morning refresh with Water in a spray bottle and a DAB of Camille Rose Brown Butter Melt.

My Camille Rose Favorites!

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