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Juju’s First Zoo Day!

Hello Fellow Juju Lovers!

We had a few days off from daycare this week so we made an impromptu trip to the Elmwood Park Zoo in Norristown, PA. 

Juju had never been to the zoo and as summer quickly starts to wind down, I wanted to try to get some fun stuff in before the weather changes. Thanks to the pandemic we had to cancel two week long vacations we had planned for this summer.

Insert: Zoo Day! 

There was some damage done to the zoo a few weeks back when we had a really sever tropical storm. The zoo got flooded and had to close for a few days, not to mention relocate a bunch of animals . The zoo had just reopened after the pandemic and really didn’t need this extra burden. Despite all that, the Zoo was open and had lots of fun things for a little guy like Juju to get into! 

Want to help the Elmwood Park Zoo get back on track? Click here for more info! 

Some of the highlights of the afternoon for Juju were the Owls, The Percussion Garden and its oversized xylophone, the fountain, and the giraffes. 

Check out some of the pics below! 

We had a Blast!

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