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18-Month Check-In!

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                                    Hello Friends!

As I approach my 18th month as a mother, I‘ve been doing a bit of reflecting on my journey thus far.

What can I say about Motherhood?

It really is everything everyone made it out to be…from the immense joy to the bouts of unexplained sadness. But there are some things I was like…Nah!


So here is a short list of the myths I discovered about parenting in my first year and a half! 

Myth: There’s no love greater than the love of your kids.


Having Juju has brought me indescribable joy. Watching him experience every single aspect of life for the first time is truly amazing. BUT I have also experienced GREAT love in my marriage and would have still felt VERY fulfilled had we not had children (although I am glad we did!)

Myth: You can’t buy have a baby now.


What if I told you I could afford diapers AND a new shirt?? Putting aside every aspect of yourself for your kids is the notion that made me delay motherhood for so long. I'm doing a pretty good job of keeping my spending in check while also saving and paying bills. Thank you very much...

Myth: You’re not truly happy until you experience being a parent.


I was very happy before having a baby. I travelled the world, slept as long as I wanted and had abs (memories) . Parenthood is so rewarding and wonderful it really is, but I still believe that you can have a completely satisfying life WITHOUT having kids. I will never change my mind about that.

Myth: You’ll never have time for yourself.


I think I invest more time into self care post baby than I did pre-baby. It’s vital for me and non negotiable. Luckily I have a close network of friends and family that can take JUJU if I need a break. And let’s not forget Daddy! Daddy doesn't just jump in to give me a break, he is a full-time 24/7 parent just like I am. And we sure love him for it!

Myth: As a parent, I am automatically more knowledgeable than non-parents.


This was a hot button for me as a non-parent so I was excited to finally partake in the larger brain parenting provides. But maybe my infinite knowledge got lost in he mail, but a good deal of parenting is a proper mix of instincts and common sense. Common sense as it relates to kids is something some non- parents lack, but I’ve seen a few parents missing the same marbles so I’ll keep checking my mailbox for my mom degree.

Overall, motherhood has been the absolute best and I still have so much more to watch my baby discover! It is surreal to wake up to a walking, almost talking manifestation of my husband and I everyday. I am excited to keep learning and growing right along with my little one.  

           Happy 18-month anniversary my love! 

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